3D holographic visualization of CT exams

Verima solution consists of two software, one for PC and one for Mixed Reality viewer. Through the PC software, it is possible to reconstruct a 3D model from the DICOM files of a CT exam and send it to the Mixed Reality viewer application. The latter allows the user to view the 3D model as a hologram and to interact with it using natural gestures. (Check the technical requirements )


Through the use of Mixed Reality device, the DICOM files processed in a few minutes by Verima ensure the following advantages:

  • Fast 3D model reconstruction starting from a CT exam.
  • Realistic representation and depth perception.
  • Ability to interact with the model and viewing from any perspective.


Verima is equipped with an intuitive system for sharing the hologram between users connected remotely. The sharing system allows multiple Verima users to simultaneously view the same hologram and share its interactions in real-time.

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Preconfigured conversion process: fast and automatic

Due to the reduced reconstruction time of the 3D model and by sending it quickly to the Mixed Reality device, Verima simplifies reporting operations, to optimize the time of radiologists and surgeons.

Hologram available to the surgeon

Verima enable sending the 3D model to the Mixed Reality device using the local network. Once the model is loaded, the surgeon can visualize the exam in the form of an interactive hologram.


Verima offers surgeons and radiologists an interactive hologram view. The depth perception of the patient's anatomical region facilitates effective pre-surgical planning, by enabling better identification of the surgical access and better localization of fractured bone fragments.

Improvement of the doctor/patient relationship

Doctor/patient communication will improve: thanks to the immediacy and clarity of holographic visualization, the physician can literally show the patient the details of their clinical picture and better inform them about treatment strategy.

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